References from Jacek Bartnik, M.D.


„In outpatient practice, ENTviewer is very useful for assessing nasopharynx and adenoid in children (any difficulties occur mainly because young patients fail to cooperate). I’m very satisfied with the examination of larynx and the ability to assess the nasopharynx.“


Regards, Jacek Bartnik

Specialist Clinic for Diagnosing and Rehabilitating Children and Youth with Hearing Defects PZG, Cracow

References from Stanisław Nitek, M.D. Ph.D.


„I’ve been using the device – ENTviewer laryngological spatula – for over a year now to register the image of nasopharynx and larynx and I consider it a great advantage. Additionally, the device may be used for laryngeal stroboscopy (the only disadvantage is that in stroboscopy there are bars accompanying phonation, but otherwise the quality of examination is very good – the image is satisfactory).  It’s an excellent competition on the market and one may have a better equipped laryngological office at a reasonable price.

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References from Janusz Czarski, M.D. Ph.D.


„As a user of the ENTviewer videoscope, I’d like to share my opinion about this device.

The basic advantage of this imaging system is user-friendliness, possibility of connecting the device with the computer used in the clinic, simple procedure for archiving the images and saving them on other carriers via pendrive, email, disc or printout.

Thus, it is possible to provide the patient with an ENT examination result not only in the form of a description, but also a recorded image, as in the case of ultrasound examination. It also helps to make the examination description more objective and show it’s quality.
The camera placed in the device allows for visualisation of places that are hard to reach during the ENT examination.

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We took part in MEDICA 2015 International Trade Fair!

We took part in MEDICA 2015 International Trade Fair. Though small in size, our stand made a good impression on the visitors. Sinutronic participated in the largest medical trade fair in Europe, gaining about 100 contacts for distributors from almost the entire world. Countries of the Middle and Far East were keenly interested in our device. We’re facing the challenge of distributing ENTviewer outside our country and making it a respected medical device on foreign markets.



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