FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


In what format do we get films and photos?

Films are recorded in AVI format, while photos in JPEG format.


Is it possible to cut out many fragments from the entire film?

Yes, you can cut out any number of fragments from the entire film.


Won’t the device become overheated? 

No, it has been designed to ensure many hours of continuous work; however, it is recommended to turn off all electrical appliances at the end of a working day.


JHow long will the spatula battery last without charging?

The spatula battery allows for about an hour of continuous work, which enables the user to carry out about 50 standard examinations without re-charging.

What is the life expectancy of LEDs in the spatula?

Our diodes allow for at least one million trouble-free examinations.


What should I do when the spatula falls down and becomes damaged?

Our company ensures guarantee and post-guarantee servicing, and in case of accidents we offer our advice and technical support to solve the problem. 


Do I need to provide all the patient’s data?

No, an examination can be carried out without providing all the patient’s data, and for emergency situations we prepared a special function allowing for immediate examination by skipping the patient’s file. 


Is EndoMaster programme compatible with other medical programmes?

We are currently working on the integration of EndoMaster with Iris – the most popular programme for physicians. 


Is sound frequency specified (displayed) in the stroboscopic version?

Not currently, but on request of phoniatrists, we started to work on adding this functionality to the programme.

What are the minimum hardware requirements for EndoMaster?

Dual-core 2 GHz processor or faster, 2 GB of RAM, 2.0 USB port, 1 GB of free disk space.