As a manufacturer, we offer you our innovative ENT line devices used for video diagnostics of the upper respiratory tract and ears.

We have 5 models on our offer:


There is an option to lease purchase the device.

Those interested in the lease option, may contact the GET IN LEASING representative, Mr Maciej Raszeja, whose phone no. is 503 41 43 45

Both the product and its name ENTviewer are protected by patent P-408919 and industrial design ZWW002508317.



ENTviewer model L / LS
DUOviewer model LO / LSO


 OTOviewer model WO


ENTviewer is a device for complex examination of tonsils and pharynx. Owing to a built-in strobing option, it can also be used for observation and screening diagnostics of larynx and vocal folds.

Removal of the third tonsil is an unpleasant experience for a young patient, but our device allows for reducing the presurgical stress.


DUOviewer is a device that has videospatula and videootoscope in one set. It is a complete set for basic laryngological examinations.


Sinutronic company also offers OTOviewer, which contains videootoscope only.