Fast start-up


Fast start-up in a few steps


  1. Place ENTviewer/DUOviewer/OTOviewer in the desired location.
  2. Connect the base to the power socket with the power cord.
  3. Connect the base to the computer with the USB cable.
  4. Turn the base on.
  5. Install the EndoMaster software on the computer.
  6. Pick up the spatula, apply the cover, place the spatula with the cover on the base (if you want to use otoscope, please go the number 8 and put the speculum).
  7. Turn on the spatula heating and wait until ENTviewer is ready for work – LED diodes turn green.
  8. Enable software.
  9. Add or select a patient.
  10. Click on NEW EXAMINATION
  11. Pick up the spatula/otoscope and begin the examination.
  12. After the examination remove the cover/speculum and place the spatula/otoscope on the base.
  13. Cut the recording and select the frames that are of interest to you.
  14. Add the examination description.
  15. Print out the result or save it on a carrier.