References from Stanisław Nitek, M.D. Ph.D.


“I’ve been using the device – ENTviewer laryngological spatula – for over a year now to register the image of nasopharynx and larynx and I consider it a great advantage. Additionally, the device may be used for laryngeal stroboscopy (the only disadvantage is that in stroboscopy there are bars accompanying phonation, but otherwise the quality of examination is very good – the image is satisfactory).  It’s an excellent competition on the market and one may have a better equipped laryngological office at a reasonable price.

I’ve heard that soon a tip for ear examination is to be developed, which would make the device even more attractive. I truly recommend it to my colleagues.  Of course, there are patients, especially the little ones, who are difficult to examine due to reflexes and/or unwillingness to cooperate, but the examination is very efficient and effective – the possibility of video recording, saving the image on a computer, CD, or pendrive – data archiving, the possibility of processing the recorded image, etc.”


Regards, Stanisław Nitek, M.D. Ph.D.